Your Cosmic Choreography in 2017

By: Verdarluz

2017 may emerge as a year of tension between self and other, between righteous independence and joining forces. Coupled with a few eclipses in center-of-attention Leo and a Venus Retrograde in warrior goddess Aries, its numerological number One (2+0+1+7=10, 1+0=1) emphasizes pioneering self-focus. 

At the same time, Jupiter in Libra for the first 7 months of the year will expand and inspire us through harmonious partnership and balanced collaboration. At times we may feel a rubber-band-like tension between personal desires and ambitions, and reaching out to both give and receive support from partners, colleagues, and our communities.

NUMEROLOGY:  Number One, Baby

A completely new cycle has emerged after closing a 9 year odyssey. In 2016, certain karmic patterns and stories needed to be released and resolved on both the personal and collective levels. We also learned about the power of service and true humanitarian spirit: even amidst tragedy and divisive politics, our levels of compassion and empathy have grown. Whatever we have shed or completed in the 9 year has made space for the thrust forward into the unprecedented territory of 1.

The 1 asks you: If you were functioning at your Superhuman level, who would you be, and what would you be accomplishing?

The 1 harnesses the fiery energy of self-motivated risk-taking and a passionate desire to grow. 2017 is not the year to hide or hold back, but rather to fearlessly fly into your daredevil individual expression. As the first number, 1 is limitlessly creative and innovative.

Thus, 2017 is the year to reinvent yourself through inspired new beginnings. “Know Thyself” will ring as one of the year’s mantras, as each of us will benefit from continued self-study through systems and practices like Astrology, Human Design, Numerology, Yoga, and Meditation.

The 1 can be ruthlessly ambitious, often ignoring the needs of others. Thus, we will be challenged in our relationships to clarify individual desires, learn how these correspond with shared goals, and make our necessary adjustments. We may experience impatience with relational dramas, as these distract from what we are ultimately trying to achieve in life.

We want to acknowledge ALL of our talents and abilities. There are many online platforms now, such as or, for teaching and sharing resources in whatever areas you have mastered. It’s time to confidently share your knowledge and express the radiance of your being.

Nevertheless, we must stay humble enough to acknowledge which skills we are lacking, and stoke the eagerness to activate whatever projects have been stagnant but we feel are integral to our evolution. We must cultivate the thirst to become a more empowered leader, and the dedication to take action steps that will integrate new tools in our tool belt.

You might need to embrace more isolated alone-time in order to cultivate self-development. Frivolous social time or endless hours on Facebook/the Internet without a dedicated focus will not serve the 1’s desire to achieve. Let your entrepreneur out and allow fresh ideas to flow.  There may even be new inventions, technologies, or trends in 2017 that will dominate much of the next 9 year cycle.

Interestingly, Donald Trump is in a 19/1 Essence in both 2016 and 2017.  The Essence number is one of the most powerful influences in Numerology, a cycle revealing important life lessons, areas of potential success and support, and the emotional state in which we perceive our environment.  For Donald, the possibility of the 1’s visionary leadership may get “trumped” by stubbornness, impatience, greed, and an obvious desire for personal gain.

The 1 year may be most challenging for Life Path numbers 9, 2, and 6.  You can find your Life Path number by reducing your birth day, month and year to single digits and adding them together. Do not reduce an 11, 22, or 33, Numerology’s master numbers, at any point in calculation. Simply add.

For example, if you were born on 06/19/1995, add digits in each set. 6/10/24. Reduce any double digits, excluding master numbers. 1+0=1, 2+4=6. Now we have 6/1/6. Add 3 single digits (or any master numbers) together. 6+1+6=13. Reduce again. 1+3=4.


JUPITER in Libra and Scorpio: Collective Growth & Justice

Jupiter in Libra grants us more joy and inspired optimism in our relationships. We are boosted in our desire and ability to transparently see each other. As an air sign, Libra invites us to be portals for consciousness to flow, generating ideas, networking, forging alliances and sharing vital information with each other.

In the first half of the year, the Pluto in Libra generation, born 1970-1984, will continue to feel Jupiter’s empowerment to transform all relationships into mutually beneficial partnerships, while transcending old paradigms of co-dependency, complacency, and projection. The ego check will be in effect, and speaking our authentic truth will be key to achieving balance with mastery.

2017 will be an important year for harnessing personal skills and abilities, and growing them through collaboration. By autumn, with Jupiter’s move into Scorpio we will realize the more profound impact we can have on our planet through a merging of resources. The potential for transformative influence will require a willingness to compromise and adjust for the greater collective. Thus, Jupiter will provide opportunities for the Scorpio shadow-work to cleanse the ego and access the heart-core of planetary and personal regeneration.

Libra also represents the scales of justice, and the Scorpion stings with power and intensity. 2017 erupts with this theme as a new surprising President, Donald Trump, takes office. With campaign rhetoric that clearly carried many prejudices, a huge resistance movement demanding fairness and equal rights for all showed itself in many cities following the election.

We can expect 2017 to be dominated by themes of law, order, equal rights, access to health care, and issues in the Supreme Court, questioning what the Pledge of Allegiance’s “…and justice for all” truly means.

SATURN in Sagittarius: A Watchful Eye

2017 begins with a powerful transit of reckoning for the U.S. as Saturn conjoins the Ascendant of the country in the USA Sibly horoscope, the chart most commonly used by astrologers for the birth of the nation. Saturn on the Ascendant of a country brings into question the very identity of the country itself, and a serious and possibly heavy tone to its people. It also brings a major decision that determines destiny and direction on some level, which this election has done.

The 2017 Saturn transit also opposes the U.S. Mars in Gemini, which may put a standstill on future growth. This can be a very frustrating cycle for our country that may be experienced as a delay in progress, demanding a deeper clarifying of what we collectively want, and what is truly motivating our desires.  Jupiter in Libra will ask us to truly listen to each other, our struggles and our bigger visions.

Saturn will also be conjunct Trump’s Moon and South Node and opposite his Sun and North Node. With the nodes involved, Fate is playing a strong hand with this election, and karma is ripening collectively and personally.

Saturn is keeping a collective eye, watching every political decision with microscopic vision. Trump will feel intense pressures and will likely be overwhelmed by the duties and responsibilities of presidency. His wishy-washy, shapeshifting Gemini Sun may experience harsh criticism for his decisions, ineptitude in the office or inability to follow through.

Additionally, Trump’s Sun in Gemini is triggered by Mars in the USA chart: this offers insight as to why he used anger, divisiveness and conflict to fuel his campaign. That same war-like and dictatorial arrogance may percolate throughout his presidency and continue to cause unrest in the United States.

**It is interesting to note that Hillary Clinton has three planets, and possibly even her Ascendant, in Scorpio. She will thus be experience a huge boost of positivity, inspiration, opportunity and optimism by fall of 2017. Since Jupiter rules publishing and broadcasting, she might take this transit as a time to release a new book or even be more of a public figure in the media.


Mercury Retrogrades in Earth & Fire Signs:

2017’s Mercury Retrogrades blend the elements of Earth and Fire, suggesting an important year for inspired manifestation on the planet. We will question what truly motivates and drives our passion for building enduring structures and solid foundations.  Spearheaded by spiritual insight, disciplined cultivation of resources through creative innovation will be key to success.

As always, back up all important documents, repair cars and technology, and increase your patience in communications both before and during Mercury Retrogrades.


Dec 19, 2016 – January 8, 2017: Earth-sign Capricorn, to Fire-sign Sagittarius

April 9 –  May 3, 2017: Earth-sign Taurus, to Fire-sign Aries

August 12 – September 5, 2017: Earth-sign Virgo, to Fire-sign Leo

December 3 – December 22, 2017: Fire-sign Sagittarius


Venus Retrogrades Bring Feminine Reflection:

Remember the end of Summer 2015, the summer of that glorious Venus/Jupiter conjunction in royal superstar Leo?  Well, that was the last Venus Retrograde cycle. Once every 18 months, goddess of relationship, finances, and your artistic path journeys backwards in the sky.

This reverse dance of the Sacred Feminine creates a deep questioning of our values. Why am I investing money in the areas I do? Is this creative path really fulfilling for me? Are my partner and I really aligned in our goals, and the ways we want to share our time, energy, and finances?

Venus will caress the signs of Pisces and Aries in her Retrograde late winter/early spring. Can the romantic idealism, dissolution of boundaries, and quest for the holy Pisces relationship merge with the passionate adventurism, spontaneous desire, and need for healthy Aries independence?


March 4 – March 13, 2017: Aries – Stations Retrograde

April 15 – April 26, 2017:  Pisces – Stations Direct

Evolution through the Eclipses:

Eclipses signify the transitional phases from one stage of our collective and personal evolution to the next. Often cycles of relationship, career, living environment and creativity come to a close, while others dawn as fresh pathways of growth.

The Winter eclipses in February highlight two signs of creative expression and transcendent imagination, Leo and Pisces. These eclipses will warn us of idealism, egocentrism, arrogance, and projection, and ask us instead to open our voices and empathic hearts to receive the light of Spirit and the radiance of the Creator that pulses through us in each moment.

August’s eclipses ask us to fully bridge into the Aquarian age, acknowledging our unique gifts and stepping up as leaders to bring and create what our communities really need. With Aquarius involved, a rebellious and revolutionary fervor may sweep the streets, and an inventive paradigm-shift will be required in all areas of life. This will include the recognition that we shape our own realities each day with each thought and every action.


Lunar Eclipse: February  10th, 22° Leo

Solar Eclipse: February 26th, 08° Pisces

Lunar Eclipse: August 7th, 15° Aquarius

Solar Eclipse: August 21st, 28° Leo

May your 2017 be a glorious awakening to your precious gifts, and may you contribute your unique offerings with grace and bliss.


VerDarLuz is a Transformational Life Coach, teacher, and multimedia artist. He is the creator of the Art of Partnership webinar course and 2 books on astrology and consciousness,Codex of the Soul and Aquarius Dawns.
His work focuses on awakening to the evolutionary journey of the soul utilizing shamanic techniques including Evolutionary Astrology, Human Design, dance, past life regression therapy, transformational breathwork, and timemapping to empower, inspire, and fulfill clients’ creative life mission.
VerDarLuz lives in Colorado. He teaches regular teleclasses and travels frequently to facilitate experiential archetypal workshops.