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Spring Writing Prompt:

Sovereignty vs. Slavery

The juxtaposition of sovereignty and slavery is present all around us today. Understanding the relationship between them in a greater context can be quite complex.

Take this for example:

Many believe that our political system is outdated and will never be fit to meet our needs; to attempt to work within its bounds is limiting to the point of being an affront to our freedom. We’ve all heard people say they refuse to be a “slave to the system.”

Others believe just the opposite – that not to engage with our government means to foolishly relegate our personal and collective power to the few in office. While off-grid enthusiasts are unsubscribing from politics and growing gardens, National Forests are clear-cut as legal protections are dismantled before our eyes.

Give us your own interpretation of sovereignty versus slavery, and put it in a greater context of your choice – political, personal, global or otherwise. 

Consider the following: What does true, embodied sovereignty look like to you? Do you know the feeling of it? Have you felt enslaved? How does slavery manifest in more subtle ways? How does one move from slavery to sovereignty? Consider relating personal experience. 

Your entry can be as creative as you like. Poetry, prose, narrative, memoire, monologue, story and fable are all acceptable.

Anonymous author submissions welcomed, just specify in your upload.


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