The Shakti Journal Writing Contest

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Deadline: December 1

Winner announced December 15, Publishing December 21

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The Yule was about a time of reflection, of getting real and yet being silent and the power of writing gives us just that…

The world is very tumultuous state. Over Sensitivity and Self Righteousness are two components that trip up humanity in its efforts toward fairness, cohesion and unity. Even though most people agree on the big issues that effect us all, these two components prevent us from ever getting to a conversation about the issues. The truth is, we all need to be heard and speak our truth to get to real solutions.

What is one hot topic you would love to discuss but feel you just can’t because of the volatility? Here’s your chance – lay out your point, provide at least 3 references of articles, books, government documents, and/or scientific research studies to support the claims you know will be considered a heated debate.

The person with the most volatile and simultaneously soundly presented point on an issue that effects humanity right now will win this contest. Entries will be uploaded here by December 1, 2017 — 3 editor blind reading and winner announced December 15. 2017.

Anonymous author submissions welcomed, just specify in your upload.


12 point Times New Roman
Double Spaced
500-2,000 words

*One entry per person per season