Unify Festival 2016 Preview


By Moriah Hope

September 22nd-25th, 2016 • Santa Fe, NM


Get Tickets: https://tickets.brightstarevents.com/event/unify-fest

“High Vibrational” Music, Yoga, Dance, Art, Ceremony and Sustainability on Five Elemental Stages!

~Family friendly ALCOHOL FREE environment~

“UNIFY FEST, September 22nd-25th, 2016 in Santa Fe, NM is a 4-day transformational festival dedicated to unifying humanity, celebrating life, and leaving the land better than we found it!

For 4-inspiring days thousands of people are invited to experience a fun and conscious music and health festival that unites, inspires, and educates each of us to live in more harmony with the planet, increase our health through high-vibrational products and education, and connect deeper to our life’s purpose while learning to live sustainably on the land and honoring the planet and all living beings.

We are taking a step back in time to help revive and bring forth native, localized, communal practices and understandings while bridging new scientific discoveries and empowering skillsets of permaculture, biodynamics, and sustainable living to co-create living community, vibrant health, and meaningful relationships and experiences all while learning to live and experience borderless Unification of Humanity. All of this takes place at the beautifully preserved and naturally designed sacred 200-acre grounds of Las Golondrinas in Santa Fe, NM.

With over 170 bands, performances, workshops, yoga classes, presentations, activities, and ceremonies across 5 stunning stages, there are multiple experiences across all 4 days that will leave you feeling a renewed sense of invigoration, joy, and purpose. Unify Fest is designed as a charity-based event helping raise proceeds to build a non-profit sustainable-school and eco-community – and you are invited to be uplifted and empowered with thousands of people during UnifyFest 2016.”


Shakti Yogi Journal Visionary Musical Artist Spotlight:

Over at Shakti Yogi Journal we are eternally grateful for having magically found underground lyrical phenomena, Chances R Good. Shakti tribe listen up! It is a rare opportunity to see this humble musical spirit out and about. You do not want to miss this one.


Written by the man himself:

“Born Chances R good brother Kuhn in 82. Completed doc.film internship 02 in Taos NM.  Student of music recording since then . Over 250 songs written and recorded. Drums bass guitar flutes piano ngoni kalimba beatbox mouth trumpets vocal harmonies 16bars story telling and spoken word. All infused with the spirit of gratitude awe and enthusiasm for breathe in the lungs and life in the organs. cRG records an intention and prayer on every blank song thanking space and silence before any instrument is added. Tho inaudible, the first frequency maintains integrity. Humble simple 3minute songs resonate with the listener in a very familiar place and space….as if they wrote the words and melody themselves for themselves. A mantra,esc feeling. cRG would describe his sound as acoustic music. content ranging from Sanskrit to Redroad from metaphysical medafore to self-help feel good hippy hop…a common theme of water fire and space…Crg’s Philo is music is the mission not the competition. His goal is to uplift and inspire. Tho relatively unknown,crg has “fans ” world wide with continued support since 2004.”

Nothing is impossible spirit is unstoppable

Chances r good that you could be immortal

eternal soul made of holy water ~ Chances R Good

Click here to tune into one of our favorite Chances R Good albums.


Tina Malia acts as an instrument of love with heart opening vocals and soul shaking accompaniment. One of our current favorite songs “Heal This Land” is nominated as a finalist in the Global Peace Song Awards. You can listen to the track here —> https://soundcloud.com/tinamalia/tina-malia-heal-this-land

“Tina Malia is a visionary musical artist. Her sonic creations span sacred chant, world, dream pop and folk music genres. A prolific singer, songwriter, instrumentalist and sound engineer, Malia expresses her radiant inner landscape through song. Tina Malia is a beloved pioneer in a growing community of people around the world dedicated to residing in harmony with the Earth, and expressing it through art, health, education and music. Her all-encompassing musical and spiritual perspective has led her to studio and live performance with a vast array of iconic artists including Kenny Loggins, India.Arie, Bonnie Raitt, Bassnectar, Deva Premal and Miten, Omar Faruk Tekbilek, Peter Yarrow (of Peter, Paul & Mary) Peter Kater and Joanne Shenandoah.”


Want to know where music, activism, and prayer meet? Follow the actions of Tubby and the One Tribe Movement. From leading the Up To Us caravan in peaceful song parades through the Democratic National Convention, to standing in prayer on the front lines with Native Dakota Access Pipeline opposers – you can count on these musical warriors to be in support of the uprising revolution in the human spirit.