The New Feminine Evolutionary

The New Feminine Evolutionary 

Published by: Flower of Life Press

Book Review by: Shareshten Senior
“When you hide, shield, or pretend to be something less, you can not obtain balance. Instead, you create a loathing or shameful existence for yourself. Not willing to accept all sides breeds shame for who you are and attracts less than your birth right has to offer.”     
-Dana Damara, The New Feminine Evolutionary

The New Feminine Evolutionary is a compilation of 22 radically authentic female entrepreneurs and game changers. Take an intimate dive into the nature and nurture of the feminine through the eyes of 22 unique women working through their individual trials. From the cleansing of a medicine journey, to the cycles of birth and death, this book perpetually dives into the depths of modern life experience (from giving birth to addiction to divorce and everything else) to uncover age-old wisdom and freedom.

The beauty of The New Feminine Evolutionary is the feminine self-empowerment. When women take time to open up the inner vortexes and deep tunnels of doom, facing trauma, shame, limiting beliefs and emotional vulnerability on the way to integration, other women in the world will also integrate their own stories, free of shame, and full of blessed embodiment. We are all supported in owning our stories and coming back to our power within this book. All the stories have this in common: empowerment is reached through surrender.

We have all heard the term ‘the rise of the feminine,’ but have you ever read a book about the modern day manifestation and alchemical process of this worldwide shift? In a time where division riddles the politics and global affairs, this book will unite you with your feminine power.

“I understand now that the earth-based stories, the folklore, the 
myths, the fairy tales have all been symbolic of the truth. The 
earth-based stories of my childhood will guide me back to my 
innocence, before I knew anything other than the truth.”
-Whitney Freya, The New Feminine Evolutionary

Shedding layers of shame, self doubt and criticism was a nice side effect of taking a walk in another woman’s shoes and realizing that no matter the story, the struggle is real. In Cristina Laskar’s story she allowed the subconscious sabotage voice to be seen. And the flip side of allowing that to exist was getting to core truths like these:

“Use your voice and share your truth. Your voice is such a power 
center. There’s a beautiful synergy that happens when the mind and 
heart are connected. The throat is in the middle of that. So, as longas you are operating out of both mind and heart, the throat gets to 
go along for a beautiful ride when you open her up.”
-Cristina Laskar, The New Feminine Evolutionary

This book reminds us that the process EXISTS and is a pre-requisite to the destinations of life. I recommend this book for women who are feeling alone or unable to speak their truth and acknowledge their story. This book is also beneficial for those who are fully empowered in their feminine aspects; it will help to unite you with your global tribe and collective consciousness.

Furthermore, men who are seeking a clear understanding what women go through in their heads, hearts, and bodies will greatly benefit from the stories in The New Feminine Evolutionary.

As an added bonus, at the end of each chapter, we get to know the author, their healing work, and where we can connect with them in person and online to further the feminine revolution.

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