Symbiosis Family Tree Preview 2016

Symbiosis Gathering Announces

Speakshops And Luminaries Series

For The September 22-25, 2016 ‘Family Tree’ Event

at Woodward Reservoir in Oakdale, CA

Featured Topics Ranging From Hacking to Permaculture and Psychedelic Sound

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SG16 - Speakshops and Luminaries

Huffington Post: “There was no shortage of physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental nourishment at Symbiosis Gathering.”

Shakti Yogi Journal returns for the second year in a row to Symbiosis Gathering, which prior was impossible as it was held every other year! You can read Christina Knoll’s adventures at Symbiosis last year in the 2015 review!


Symbiosis Gathering is a multifaceted lakeside arts, music, and community gathering, today announced the leading presenters for their Speakshops and Luminaries series along with the return of Elemental Alchemy to the 2016 event ‘Family Tree’.

The Symbiosis Gathering Speakshops and Luminaries series will draw on some of the principal mentors and masters from a range of studies like environmental and political activism, food security, permaculture, lucid dreaming, and emergent technology to offer insightful guided discussions and lectures across the five days of the event. These talks and presentations offer the Symbiosis community the opportunity to fully embrace the ethos of the event in a constructive and immersive environment.

Headlining presenters include Indian author and activist Dr. Vandana Shiva, anthropologist Wade Davis of the National Geographic Society, indigenous activist Winona LaDuke, Rising Appalachia’s Leah Song together with Jasmine Fuego of the Permaculture Action Network, TECHGNOSIS author Erik Davis, visionary dream group Oneironauticum founder Jennifer Dumpert, shaman scholar Mateo Magee, intentional communities advocate Cassandra Ferrara, and ecological consultant Meghan Walla-Murphy. Additional discussions will explore facets of hacking, permaculture, space research, along with many more intriguing topics.


Symbiosis Gathering also announced the return of Elemental Alchemy for 2016. Taking place in the week leading up to ‘Family Tree’, Elemental Alchemy is an immersive educational program that in past years has brought together trailblazers in Permaculture, Yoga, and Visionary Art to lead intimate multi-day workshops. This year, Symbiosis Gathering will evolve the program further by introducing Ancestral Arts and Ritual & Performance as dimensions of study, offering new avenues for participants to engage in the universe around them.

The Symbiosis experience, defined by cutting edge musical and art programming, will include countless art installations and multiple collectives of live painters, forward thinking musical acts spread across distinctly varied stages, plus a first of its kind art boat program. Symbiosis Gathering: Family Tree will not only be a time for celebrating the reunion of families and memories from past years, but will serve as a precursor for what may be the burgeoning brand’s most important event to date: Symbiosis Gathering Oregon Eclipse 2017.

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Full Speakshops And Luminaries Lineup:

Vandana Shiva – Earth Democracy
Wade Davis – The Wayfinders: Why Ancient Wisdom Matters In A Modern World
Winona LaDuke – Creating A Multicultural Democracy
Leah Song (Rising Appalachia)  & Jasmine Fuego (Permaculture Action Network) – Artivism
Penny Livingston – Stark – Living A Regenerative Life
Erik Davis – Re Animism
Jennifer Dumpert – Liminal Dreaming
Kouros Alaee – The Home Herbalist
Alexander Polinksy – Avatarism: Manifest Your Superhero Character In The Real World
Becca Tarnas – Towards An Imaginal Ecology
Cassandra Ferrara – State Of The Communion
James Stark – The Role Of Nature Connection In The Great Turning
Katy Maddox & Nick Menache – Sound And Space As A Path To Peak Experience In Clinical Psychedelic Research
Kristen Rivers – Consent And Boundaries: Skills And Tools For Everyone
Manu Butterworth – Feng Shui And Traditional Chinese Medicine
Jamaica Stevens – Re-Inhabiting The Village: Co-Creating Our Future
Meghan Walla-Murphy – Learning To See Beautifully
Justin James Pineiro – MC
The Teafearie – Harm Reduction
Mateo Magee – Living The Ceremony

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