Plant a Tree for Free Today Thanks to Connectavid

Yes, you can plant a tree today by setting up your free profile on the new social media channel for progressives. Connectavid, has announced their partnership with Eden Reforestation Project to plant a tree for each new member Connectavid Community.

It’s easy: go to and create your free profile and CAV will plant a tree for you.

While mainstream media channels continue to put more control on the freedom of speech, progressive and solution oriented people, are getting ready to unite on alternative platforms. Right now there are many alternatives for all our social media needs emerging: Livestream, Connectavid,, Vimeo, Signal, Startpage, Disconnect, ProtonMail and many others.

Cristina Laskar founded the Connectavid, the crowdfunding and crowdsourcing platform with social media as an added bonus in 2014. But now, she is revamping the website to serve as a super inspirational international hub where truth can be shared and antagonism isn’t tolerated. ‘At Connectavid the question is: how can we make the world a better place and lessen the suffering of beings and the planet? The great part is all the answers are right here by connecting with our community on the issues that effect us all,’ Laskar says of the growing social media site.

While mainstream platforms tout the glamour, this social media site touts the service, intention, and community power. Connectavid is literally the place you come to connect free of the ‘nay-sayers’ and full of people empowered to make a positive difference everyday. It is truly an exciting time to be alive as the people who are upholding wellness, freedom, and balance are joining together to be the change we wish to see in the world.

I asked Cristina what current developments look like. ’Right now, we are super excited to get as many trees in the ground as possible and that’s where the Shakti community comes in! We would love all of you to be a first influencer by signing up, planting your tree and then sharing our project. The new website is the most exciting thing in my life right now. The launch this fall will bring us to a whole new level of functionality which I will be so excited to share with you all. For right now, my head is to the grind stone. While being in the line of service work, I believe self care is super important. So, I am fitting in some time for play to keep my spirit and offering fresh and in alignment – and let’s face it playing and working with The Shakti Journal is always fun and productive!’

At this, I blushed. As we unfold our alternative solutions for media that does not sensor us or decide when our posts show up for our friends and followers, I will be bringing you the play by play developments including exactly how many trees we success in planting by September 1!!! Let’s reduce our carbon footprint this end of the year and bring all our favorite people to join in a brand new community that empowers us as a community to be the change we wish to see in the world.

It is the small businesses that are working hard to be in harmony and truth that I admire most. Thank you all for your invaluable efforts for health and environmental integrity. You all are amazing and we wish to keep promoting you and your creative work. Keep bringing it!

Plant your tree:

P.S. make sure you friend me on Connectavid: ‘Shareshten’ and ‘Cristina Laskar’ as well!!! We look forward to strengthening the roots of our community through a social platform that accentuates our curves and celebrates life in all its forms.

Shareshten Senior is the Founding Editor of SYJ, which has circulated 15,000 print copies in 5 countries in a year and a half. The buzz is growing and the conscious community has spoken: “There is nothing like SYJ out there. It is refreshing and beautiful. I read it over and over and I pass it on to my friends and community.”

SYJ examines world issues from a global perspective while offering meticulous practical action steps of what we can each do in our daily lives to truly make a difference.

Shareshten is a visionary leader who translates modern sustainable living concerns from a global perspective into accessible practical actions.

Through SYJ she brings together experts to share from their unique varied perspectives of healing and being. The practice of Yoga has transformed her life over the past 6 years.

Through service, healing, community, and teachers she found that the best way to serve humanity for her is through empowering her spiritual family to be self-reliant and self-healing.