Modern Entrepreneur – Spring 2016

SYJ: When did you start dancing? Tell us about your journey to create your art together as husband and husband.

Michael: I took my first dance class when I was two and a half years old!  I grew up dancing at my family’s dance studio in West Virginia.  Every day of the week, for most of my life, has been in a dance studio! I tried many different types of sports growing up but nothing felt more like home than dancing and performing.

I had a difficult time with other kids and some family members because I danced.  I was treated differently because I was a boy who danced.  I was discriminated against and treated horribly.  I was called a “faggot”  before I knew what that meant and before I had even come to understand my sexuality.  Dance class was a place where I could let my guard down and taste freedom and acceptance.  In many ways, dance saved my life! 

Ron: I started training and competing in gymnastics when I was around eight to ten years old in The Jordan Valley in the North of Israel. The high intensity and competitive nature of the sport wasn’t for me. I quit when I was asked to train more and also during the early mornings before school. That wasn’t for me! Throughout the years, I participated and performed in shows in my village and school and my dancing talent was acknowledged in many ways. I started dance classes when I was 14 years old and increased my training throughout high school. When I graduated, I joined the Bat-Sheva Dance Company Ensemble in Tel Aviv and started my professional dance career. 

TransformOtion:  TransformOtion was born and began being developed the day after our engagement. We were driving back from a transformative music festival in California. We were excited about the potential of our partnership and immediately began dreaming up our future together. 

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