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A Tribute to The Search Engine By: Jeanine Endsley

“…And yet, we’re here. We’re alive. What might we do? What can we do? What will we do? Herein lies the challenge, herein lies the search.” – Jason Silva

I am a student in the age of information communication technology. I am a seeker, like many of you on this massive search engine. My purpose none but to find revolutionary ways of being and radical solutions. None but to share my musings with the poetic hearted and join in this weaving of humankind.

This electronic world at your fingertips gives access wholly to alternate realms and empires of ideas. Vast platforms and paperless bookshelves. The pinnacle of man’s greatest advancements. A source where anyone, anywhere, at any time, can engage in a global conversation.

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Jeanine Endsley is a Costa Rica-based writer, yogi, and holistic massage therapist living along the Whale Coast. Her passion lies in awakening the innate healing and wisdom of the body through holistic practices, radical self love, and plant medicine. She spends her days writing, studying, and offering her heart through the work of her hands. She is as a child and advocate of the earth walking the path of beauty. To get connected and see more of her work, visit and on Instagram @jeanineendsley.

This mighty tool teaches me what plants in my backyard can be the life-givers to my daily cup of tea. This great big search machine knows how to make a table with bamboo or could provide the scripts I need to write a book. I can catch old legends on vintage grayscale footage or watch the president in the present as he speaks to nations.

My vow to this electronic age is to make my heart a quest carrier and my mind a seeker. To utilize this system to shape my world from the infinite sources of inspiration my eyes behold daily. I dare you to learn how to build a compost, or care for an herb garden, or launch a fundraiser than can help your hurting community. Learn a language, or learn to meditate. Squeeze out all the knowledge like good medicine, write it in sweet notes on your heart and whisper them softly, sharing them one day through your chosen medium. Let the dreams of your soul, hands, and spirit lead your searches. What if we lived like we had access to a fiercely powerful tool? What if we prayed and laid out our intentions beforehand?

We must filter our searches, to intend with the voice as well as the eyes, to sift through the layers and find the gems of gold and the messages of the ancient elders. We are an active, ever-breathing call to action through our far reaches. We must be eager to strike social change through our social choices.

a resource connecting billions of us.

mothers to lost daughters.

men to their native tribes.

sisters to their global circles.

hungry children to nourishment and support.

What will your story be?

We have a responsibility to be passionately curious seekers. To let our bellies and questions burn with fire for change. We have a responsibility to do something – to use our hands to write, offer, share, or search…

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