Envision Festival Review

Writing: Claire Boyce Photography: The One Who Sees Clearly Arts

In my life, I have always respected my ability to face my fears.  In yoga, this means gently going to my physical edge: acknowledging the pain, breathing into the posture – and finding some grace and forgiveness in the discomfort.  In life, this means consciously putting myself into situations that bring up discomfort or fear,  and going through an internal healing process to transmute the awkward feelings.  Instead of judging whatever it is on the outside that is bringing up my discomfort, I ask myself what it is about the outer situation that triggers me.  Then, I envelop my emotions in a soft cloak of love and acceptance as I listen to the feelings that have come up and what they have to teach me.

As I have grown older, I have learned the importance of discerning courage from recklessnes and growth from simply placing myself in harmful situations.  In my desire to expand and grow, I have lived in Kenya and Antigua, travelled all over Europe, the Caribbean, East Africa, and pursued a path of personal healing and growth that has involved facing my inner demons.  I have forged a career as an artist and worked through the fear of expressing my personal vision to others in a public arena, where it will likely be judged.  All of these experiences have caused me to become aware of my fears, prejudices, and to experience greater freedom as I move throughout the world.

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Claire is a painter, writer, poet, photographer, graphic designer, and musician who revels in the way her soul dances as she embarks upon myriad creative endeavors. She is a regular contributor to Pleinilune Magazine, where she authors a “spiritual self-help” column called “Food for the Soul.” She has also had poetry published in multiple print and on-line journals, and her fine art has been exhibited in multiple juried shows in the Denver metro area.