Cover Warrior Preview – Winter 2016

Amanda Scott and Bridget Law

SYJ: What are the 3 most positive changes you wish to see grow and gain momentum? Are there certain things you do to encourage this already?

Amanda: More small farms,which in turn would be fewer large, commodity farms. And no more GMO’s. is takes educating people on why they need to support their local CSAs and why children need to learn to grow and appreciate food. The more this can take place, the more organic food won’t be looked at as a “food for the rich”. Small farms need the subsidies so that we can make sure all households eat organic food. We are leading by example.

Bridget: Nature preservation; I have been involved with Rock the Earth, Conservation Colorado, and the Wilderness Preservation Society in learning about the areas of Colorado they are lobbying to protect. ere are so many people moving to our home state; it’s
important to be on top of keeping areas pristine! I get involved whenever possible by hiking with these groups and spreading the word on Facebook and at our shows.

I use conscious buying practices to support Local Food movements and small businesses. It’s the only way to hold onto the unique value of the cra of good, nourishing food against the giant conglomerates and the Walmarts of the world. I’m a member of a CSA and also spend every dollar in alignment with this belief. I also raise awareness when I’m on tour by ordering free tickets to local farmers and giving them shout outs from stage when possible. Every month I donate to Organic Consumers Association who take action nationally and internationally on the forefront of these issues.

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