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Rising Appalachia


Really, we just keep on keepin’ on and hope that this musical sound boat steers into the rights ports with the right people; that our music leads and inspires and carves radical paths into the hearts and minds of badass people who believe in their own work.- Chloe

We’ve got a line in that song which is our mantra to stay active: “if you muddy my water then I will come after you.” We hope it gets folks thinking about what exactly it looks like stand up for our sacred waters. - Chloe

Rising Appalachia is more than your average band. You may remember their percussionist Biko Cassini’s interview with Moriah Hope, featured in our ‘Muses of Musical Medicine’ section this summer. Lead singers Chloe and Leah are sisters from Atlanta, Georgia. They have turned their music into a movement intended to enliven and empower the people to take care of the earth and each other. But don’t get it twisted, these bluesy sisters can still strum a sexy tune that will bring you right out of the world and into a place of perfect harmony. As true medicine women, they deliver the essence of being human through sacred, uniquely inspired sound vibrations and right actions.

I think art can reach far past political boundaries and religious adversity. Let’s see our grassroots and radical, off-the-cuff creatives really tilt the pendulum, take a stake in mainstream culture and encourage the shift towards a more functional, roots way of life. -Leah

We are activist-oriented musicians building a cultural renewal coming from the ground up. Joanna Macy calls it the ‘Great Work’- striving to rise to the challenge of being alive at this time and finding courage to ‘be the change.’ -David

The silver lining is that people are beginning to realize that the change we are looking for comes from all of us.

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