Consciously Contributing: Supporting Self by Supporting Others

Written by: Valerie D'Ambrosio

Photography by: Shaunti LallyiAm

Consider that in this time of uncertainty and change, it may be time to take a different perspective on our responsibility and ask ourselves some questions about what is occurring locally, nationally and globally, and how we are contributing to the collective energy:

How are we feeding negative energies like paranoia, fear, or judgment?

How are we feeding positive energies like forgiveness, compassion and gratitude by offering self and others peace and kindness, and refraining from indulging in drama and fighting?

Fear is understandable: Locally in Colorado, and spreading west into California, forest fires happen frequently in the summer season. People lose their homes and face real threats to their safety and livelihood. Our current presidential election provokes understandable fear. Nationally and globally, we see unfathomable oppression, abuse and injustices. Regardless of how far away these injustices occur, and how far people feel from one another, I choose to believe that we are all connected (to one another, Mother Earth, Father Sky, all of it.)

I choose to believe that there is a divine unfolding in each moment, and an inherent goodness in our species we can each and all come back to. That goodness is our authentic selves and Truth. There has been so much rapid change and so-called progress that has created a communal disconnect, leading us to live in fear (among other negative energies). While fear is a normal biological condition, we must remember that our negative thinking separates us, and only breeds more of the same.

In coming back to how you can be more supportive of yourself and others, and become more aware of your energy, consider the following:

What can you do to support and be of service to those around you today?

To be of service and support can be physical, emotional, spiritual, or intellectual. Remember that everything we do resonates at a certain vibrational frequency. If you are thinking fear-based thoughts, or selfish thoughts such as “That’s her problem, not mine,” remember that this is your contribution to not only the situation at hand, but also the collective energy in the world. You are contributing to the collective consciousness with your thoughts, feelings, words and actions. What a tremendous gift we have in that! But, how are we using it? How are we offering our service to others? By showing up for others with acceptance and encouragement, we take the focus off of ourselves, and often raise our own energy because it feels so good to give.

Many of us are aware that the food we put in our bodies will directly affect our energy and our health. If everything is energy, how might it be the same with our thoughts and actions? The world needs your positive energy right now, big time. How are you contributing to our global energetic field each day in the way you are choosing to Be?

Yes, life can either be happening TO you or FOR you, TO us or FOR us. We can either be the creators or the victims of our lives depending on our frame of thought.

This does NOT mean that we won’t experience challenge or growing pains. It is part of the human experience and no one is exempt. If you do not feel pain in your life at times, consider looking at your beliefs around what pain and challenge represent for you. Is it something that you run from at all costs? Is it something you were taught is a bad thing? An indicator that something is ‘wrong’?

What if the pain and challenge were happening in order for you to experience something that your soul is longing for? Our souls, our authentic selves, know our Truth. Our souls require that we pay attention to our trajectory in order to expand and grow.

Know that the experience of life is a moment-to-moment shift of perspective. In choosing to see life-challenges as tools for your personal growth, you can raise your own vibration and transform your pain, thus contributing positively to the world around you. We don’t pour pink paint over garbage and call it dessert. We acknowledge our fears, concerns and troubles, and put one foot in front of the other consciously and compassionately on our human journey. We remember that light AND dark, pain AND ease occur in life, and that they all contribute to transformation and growth. We maintain awareness and acknowledgement of not only our pain, but the pain and fear of others, while offering support and being of service.

We pay attention to what we need. 

We pay attention to what other people need.

“This country has a ridiculous history of racial injustice which runs very deep and needs to be awakened for us to resolve. This can be done consciously or not, and it’s up to all of us. Current events bring the issue to a very focused awareness, and that can promote healing – or it may compound the problem — that is always the fork in the road. We can learn to come together, or we may be torn apart…” -Eric Meyers, astrologer

Would you like to change your life path, but you are uncertain of the ‘how’? That is normal. Remember, a majority of the world is telling us to take the blue pill and numb out the pain or push it away.

Instead, we need to lean into the challenge. Lean into whatever limiting beliefs may be holding you back from the positive vibrations of love, compassion, and ultimate happiness. Look outside of your blinders and limiting beliefs, and offer yourself in service to your own being, and then to your communities. 

This is the greatest gift we can give.

This approach to life grants us the greatest vibrational shifts.

If you feel the call, please reach out to me for a 15-minute consult on how VDA Coaching can support you. With deep love and respect on your human journey.

Valerie is a frequent contributor for over a year to SYJ. She uses it as a channel to share her work with more of the world as well as support the Shakti Tribe Community!

For over two decades, as The Connection Coach, Valerie has been guiding people to create extraordinary, conscious connection. She believes that ultimate joy is directly correlated to the kinds of relationships that you choose to develop and nourish. Her infectious nature encourages people to discover their greatness and play big. Working with Valerie you will re-haul your relationships with self, health, wealth, intimacy,friendships and Spirit, in order to create the thriving life you desire.