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Guru and agent of collective expansion and inspired growth, Jupiter, will make it to the exact halfway point of Libra by the year’s end.  Thus, our leap of faith into edgy honesty and transparent soul-gazing will be boosted by Jupiter’s journey balancing the scales of love and collaboration. Fortune finds us in the open heart and the acknowledgement of the unique gifts we each bring to love and business partnerships.

In 2016-2017, Jupiter is also amplifying the generational intent of those born between 1970 and 1984 with Pluto in Libra. Over the course of their lifetimes, the Pluto in Libra generation has struggled to move beyond co-dependency, relationship drama and facades of interpersonal complacency into deep, authentic and transformative connection. The influential work of this generation in the next year will be to create the space of transparent authenticity in all relations. They are teaching us all how to cultivate the ability to weave an interdependent knot of both self-autonomy and mutual support.


Every Fall, Venus transits her most challenging position, Scorpio.  This year, between September 24th and October 18th, the goddess is stripped naked, and relational intensity and drama challenge beloveds to let go of control as she faces her shadow reflections in all significant partnerships. Tantric alchemy is the quest for higher vibrational connections at this time.


After his extended 2016 retrograde journey braving the underworld and shamanic realms of Scorpio, the 13th constellation Ophiuchus, this fall Mars blisters first through his exalted sign of Capricorn in October and then through Aquarius in November and early December. Early Autumn’s motivations will compel us to pursue careful business strategies and calculated career success, while mid-late Autumn focuses our will to drive towards community building, humanitarian purpose and visionary idealism.


Oct. 1st  – 9 Libra

Oct. 30th – 7 Scorpio

Nov. 29th – 7 Sagittarius

Dec. 29th – 7 Capricorn


Oct. 16th – 23 Aries

Nov. 14th – 22 Taurus

Dec. 14th – 22 Gemini

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Saturn’s trine continues to support your career growth, raise your status and increase the responsibility you deserve.  But this Autumn the solopreneur in you learns to let go of the reins a little, to listen and to partner.

This is not the season for rash decisions and the impulsive self-focus you are accustomed to Aries. Now you realize the power of interdependence and even a buried ability within you to ask for help. Know that it will be given. When you say yes to collaboration this season, both the heart and the wallet will blossom.

Aries Rising will be especially charmed this Fall when Jupiter bounces through your house of relationship. Stay social and optimistic—lovers, teachers and messengers deliver you into physical, emotional and spiritual adventure.



The Bull keeps close to its heart what it adores, and defends its territory when feeling threatened. Values—both personal and shared—are the locus this Autumn. Your stubborn, fixed energy is challenged to compromise in order to experience mutual empowerment. In succession, Venus, then the Sun, and then Mars gamble with the Bull this season. The dealer at this table is Eros—not only the sexual, but also the creative power within you.  If you play your cards right, you can discover new depths to both your Artist and your Lover.

Although Taurus may prefer to be left alone, it must engage in the duel now, strongest during the November 14th Full Moon in your sign. Rest in that still space, at the base of the Bodhi tree, where victory is not one over the Other, but the Conscious Witness over the snorting, reactive Ego.


After a year of chaotic shift and upheaval, even for someone as malleable the shape-shifting Gemini, the big break you’ve been looking for is on the horizon this Fall with Jupiter’s uplifting trine.  The inspiration and opportunity will flow as you continue to let yourself move as freely as the wind, jumping on the currents of evolution.

Stay forward-focused and hone your inborn talents to wear many hats.  Share the message that the glass if always half-full and you will find yours overflowing.


With Mars’ opposition all through October, you may feel more irritable and moody than usual.  Choose your battles wisely this Autumn— with a fiery planet amping your energy and reactivity, you may feel like a ‘crab out of water’ for far too long. However, Cancer, this season can also be an opportunity for you to break out of your shell.

Move from the passive-aggressive energy of this transit, into passionate motivation, and into aggressive action steps towards your goals.  Be more direct with what you want and step boldly into the mission that emerges.



When Mars journeys through Aquarius and the Sun in Scorpio this November, be careful with forcing your personality and desires too strongly on the world. Especially for Leo Risings, relationships may become heated battlegrounds and the domain of power struggles.

Relinquish the exhaustion of self-righteousness, but keep focused on your goals and empower them with the humility of consistent effort. Ironically, when the Queen lets go of control, the magic and mystery unfolds.


The word “con-sider” means “to consult with the stars” and you, Virgo, are wise to attune to your cycles and rhythms of success this Autumn.

After the last year’s expansive growth cycle through both Jupiter and a Solar Eclipse, and Mercury’s recent retrograde in your home sign, you’ve been given a lot to reconsider, reflect on, regenerate, and a new self to rebirth.

That critical voice you so often hear now aligns you with a higher purpose as your service reaches new peaks. Commit even deeper to your daily practices to ground you and strategically increase the expansive growth of 2016. Even as you inspire others, let yourself feel the joy and abundance that you have worked so hard to cultivate in your own life.


Libra’s, your year to let your LoveLight shine begins this Autumn.  Jupiter is bestowing his blessings, fortunes and opportunities your way, in all aspects of life including career, relationships, and home. The key to receiving the benevolent planet’s fortunes is to create your own luck. Use your innate ability to network, schmooze, and hang out with the right people at the right time to bring your dreams into reality.


This Fall should bring some much needed R and R to Scorpio after a year of Mars’ explosive intensity. October’s transit of goddess Venus through your sign allows your heart to cultivate more fun and deeper intimacy while October 30th’s New Moon in your home sign offers new beginnings and fresh starts.

Saturn in your 2nd house acts you to mature your relationship to your personal finances. Invest wisely and consider the future in your spending. Be more accountable to your imagination, and structure time each day to allow a more visionary creativity to channel through you.


After Summer’s non-stop energy, where you may have amplified your already excitable nature,

it’s time to rein in the horses and slow the energy down, integrating and assimilating all the new experiences and connections.  You may have galloped as far as you can in some directions and Saturn is demanding more serious strategy in achieving your long-term goals.

An entrepreneur is being born in you and it is time to become more creative, innovative, and industrious with your approach to earning money. Step up and out of your role as a teacher and commit to more responsibility in all your pursuits. Even as you prepare for love’s affections in mid-October to mid-November, you will feel Saturn’s stern gaze asking for maturity and a solid foundation in your relationships.


The Sea-Goat is getting supercharged this Fall as Mars ignites your drive to succeed and Jupiter brings ample opportunity and rewards in your area of career. Expect to be extra motivated, yet simultaneously impatient and possibly rash in your decisions and defense of your opinion.

Instead let this season spark your leadership potential, allow your passion to achieve your career ambitions, and dare towards more wild play and exciting spice in your sexual life.


You know how to vision big, Aquarius, and Jupiter’s trine to your Sun all season is gifting you an abundance of opportunities through all the eccentric connections you’ve cultivated in your life.

If you’re experiencing October’s frustration with projects, know that it is only a gestation for what you will give birth to in November with Mars catapulting you forward in your first house.  Let October’s trine from the Sun help you plant the seeds for the goals that you devote yourself wholeheartedly to in November and December, months of full throttle energy. Balance patience with seizing the moment. Allow Jupiterian Libra’s trine to assist you in your networking wizardry, especially online, and in creating the world of your ideals in real time.


Inspired relating and fortunate contacts have blessed you in 2016 with expansive travel and love. Now with Jupiter in your 8th house, you may experience the benefits of resources you inherit or receive from a partner.

Fish like to flow, and not to be weighed down by too much responsibility, but Saturn in your area of career demands that you take a more serious approach to your career and bring integrity and discipline to your professional goals.

Thus, use the extra resources of time or money to structure your dreamy, contemplative, meditative moments into your day. This will help you maintain a balance between accountability in your career and your spiritual life.

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VerDarLuz is a Transformational Life Coach, teacher, and multimedia artist. He is the creator of the Art of Partnership webinar course and 2 books on astrology and consciousness,Codex of the Soul and Aquarius Dawns.
His work focuses on awakening to the evolutionary journey of the soul utilizing shamanic techniques including Evolutionary Astrology, Human Design, dance, past life regression therapy, transformational breathwork, and timemapping to empower, inspire, and fulfill clients’ creative life mission.
VerDarLuz lives in Colorado. He teaches regular teleclasses and travels frequently to facilitate experiential archetypal workshops.