2018 Astrology


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Together as One: Awakening in 2018

by: VerDarLuz

NUMEROLOGY: It takes Two to Tango

A completely new 9-year cycle emerged in 2017, under a Universal Year 1. What we began in 2017 may be experienced as a template for the next 9 years. We witnessed the shadows of the number 1 through the thirsty power of ambition, the egoic bubble, and self-righteous dogmas that took over the political scene in the United States. As opposed to the drive, determination and forcefulness of 2017’s Number 1, 2018’s Universal Year Number 2 brings a global focus to the power of true partnership, challenging us to harness the gifts of collective collaboration.

The theme of conscious relating and evolutionary intimacy is also highlighted by many astrological cycles this year including Jupiter in Scorpio, a series of 5 eclipses, and both Mars and Venus Retrogrades.

Autonomy will begin to synergize with mutually empowering relationships, challenging us all to look at co-dependent patterns and transcend them in support of each other’s intrinsic gifts. This will be highlighted by the eclipses in Leo and Aquarius. The overly sensitive and emotionally volatile number 2 will move us to access inner resources and transformative shadow work, coupled with dedication in the pursuit of self-mastery so that relationships will now be based more on wholeness.

Likely, the 2 Universal Year will bring great upsets and friction to Donald Trump, given his 19/1 Life Path. How will “me first” adapt to “Me Too” and the emerging culture of teamwork and unity?


2018 Astrology


A Year of RETROGRADES: Reconsideration, Reflection, Renewal


March 22nd, 2018 (16 Aries) – April 15th, 2018 (4 Aries)

July 25th, 2018 (23 Leo) – August 18th, 2018 (11 Leo)

November 16th, 2018 (13 Sag) – December 6th, 2018 (27 Scorpio)

2018’s Mercury retrogrades dwell in the Fire element. We will reconsider what drives our creative passions, as well as how we both receive and transmit inspiration, teachings and spiritual wisdom.

These retrogrades will be highly entrepreneurial cycles, fueling us to radiate the fullness of our gifts while also exploring what kinds of calculated risks we should take to have a deeper impact and reach the wider world. This could include a stronger drive to present ourselves on social media, YouTube, online teaching platforms, or literal travel abroad. Competitive streaks, aggressive energy and burnout may manifest in the public, forcing us to reflect on what truly fires us up while letting go of judgment and unnecessary conflict.

As always, back up all important documents, address cars and technology in need of repair, and increase your patience with communications, both before and during Mercury retrogrades. Avoid signing major contracts and plan for travel delays.


October 5th, 2018 (10 Scorpio)  –  November 16th, 2018 (25 Libra)

The last time Venus went retrograde was just this last year in Aries (late winter of 2017), which caused all kinds of rupture in relationships and a search for independence and authentic self-expression. Think back to how this cycle invited a deeper look into your core values, especially in relationship, finances, and your artistic path. These same areas will require special attention the fall of 2018, as we ask why we invest money, creative energy and intimacy in the areas we do.

Especially poignant regarding relationships and shared finances/resources, Venus’ retrograde will start in complex and dramatic Scorpio on October 5th, and she will end her inner dance at 25 Libra on November 16th, focusing on equality in our roles and balance in all relations.

Could this cycle bring even more scathing revelations regarding sexual misconduct out into the public, especially around those in Scorpio roles of extreme influence and power? Undoubtedly, this retrograde will invite us all to deeply examine our relationships with masculinity and femininity. For some this may cause more division; for others, unity.


June 26th, 2018 (9 Aquarius) – August 27th, 2018 (28 Capricorn)

Once again, the planet of action, desire, and personal will, Mars is venturing retrograde in 2018, this time in the sign of Aquarius. Since Mars directs our drive, for most of this upcoming summer this cycle will pose profound questions about our collective evolution and compel us to envision our ideal of true freedom for all humanity.

We will especially become aware of the fundamental inequalities in the United States, and strive to form more self-sustaining communities empowered by renewable technologies, barter, and alternative currencies. This cycle will also sensitize us even further to the plight of migrants fleeing from violence and dictatorial regimes around the world.

Mars also rules sexual pursuits and passions, and Aquarius is known as the most liberal and experimental of the signs. This will invite more of us to pry open our sexuality, revealing the restrictive nature of gender roles and closed models of relating. Workshops, retreats and group experiences may serve to help some of us liberate our sexuality and tune into communicating and acting upon our true desires.

ECLIPSES: Windows of Rebirth

Total LUNAR Eclipse–January 31st, 2018–8:26:39 (11 Leo 37)

Partial SOLAR Eclipse–February 15th, 2018–16:05:07 (27 Aquarius 08)

Partial SOLAR Eclipse–July 12th, 2018–22:47:47 (20 Cancer 41)

Total LUNAR Eclipse–July 27th, 2018–16:20:15 (4 Aquarius 45)

Partial SOLAR Eclipse–August 11th, 2018–5:57:38 (18 Leo 42)

Eclipses are the power portals of the year. They mark the transition phases from one stage of our collective and personal evolution into the next. Eclipses can affect an individual more if they impact a specific planet in their chart. However, they always play out on a global scale and affect whole nations and world events. Intriguingly, this year’s Winter Olympics begin right in the middle of these eclipses on February 9th in a current political hotspot (South Korea, just beneath North Korea.)

A total lunar eclipse is the most powerful full moon of the year, and eclipses with the Sun and Moon closest to the nodes often mark peak intensity for the year. The Leo eclipse on January 31st will be just 3 degrees from the nodes, and both January/February eclipses directly impact Donald Trump’s chart: the first eclipse almost directly hits his Pluto, while the second lands on his Descendant in Aquarius. In the weeks during, preceding, and following these eclipses, we should see some more shadow material rising likely secrets, lies, manipulations, abuse of power and wealth, and perhaps the return of those women who have accused Trump of sexual misconduct in the past.

For the people at large, the eclipses this year invite us to engage passionately in our communities and activate our leadership skills, performance abilities, and playful inner child. Aspects to these eclipses also emphasize more freedom, authentic expression, and experimentation in relationships.

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Jupiter in Scorpio

The Dark Goddess is now being unleashed on the planet with Jupiter’s journey into Scorpio through October of 2018. In her various cultural masks as Kali, Inanna, Lillith, Pele, Medusa, and many others, the Dark Goddess represents an aspect of consciousness that appreciates all activity, even the destructive and uncomfortable, as expressions of the Divine.

Jupiter in Scorpio invites us to live this radical realization in everyday life: each emotion or thought can be a teacher if we don’t over-identify with it. As traditional Tantra teaches, emotions and thoughts are energies that rise and then dissipate, but suffering occurs when we identify with one single thought/emotion contraction. Repeatedly identifying this way creates samskaras or karmic traces, and these are the shadows that lurk from lifetime to lifetime, which Jupiter in Scorpio will ask us to directly confront and transform.

We see this happening through the #MeToo movement surrounding inappropriate sexual behavior and abuse in politics, the media, and the workplace. On the personal level, shamanic therapies that access and heal the unconscious, such as ceremony, regression therapy, family constellation and breathwork, can be Jupiterian pathways of inspired self-realization.

Saturn in Capricorn

With Saturn stomping into Capricorn this year for the next two and a half years, we are all asked to seriously evaluate our long-term goals and apply practical skills to achieve them, all while conquering the resistance that will inevitably arise. Dedication to productivity, organization and effective time management will help us get serious with planning our work and working our plan.

Saturn in Capricorn will compel a more conservative approach in many areas of life, and may invite us towards a deeper respect for tradition and attunement to the wisdom of elders and the indigenous ways of life.

photo compliments of templedofthemoon.com

Chiron into Aries & Uranus into Taurus

Since they move so slowly, it is rare to have two outer planets change sign in a single year, but in 2018 Chiron journeys into Aries for the next 7 years, and Uranus electrifies Taurus for about the next 7 years as well.

Chiron, the wounded healer, marks a significant threshold this year, crossing over the end of the zodiac. His movement from Pisces to Aries is the transition from dreaming to doing, from imagination to activation. This cycle facilitates a stronger entrepreneurial push for all healers, mentors, coaches, and light-worker guides on the planet, and we will likely see these archetypes as the torchbearers of an emerging golden age. We may even see more athletes (Aries) acting as mentors and becoming more political, similar to what we’ve seen in the NFL kneeling protests of the past year. In mid-April, Chiron’s journey across the Aries point, the first degree of the zodiac, will likely bring a whirlwind event that may bring some wounding but also a potential for great healing, learning, and spiritual growth.

Uranus awakens and excites a paradigm shift in whatever sign he transits for 7 years. In Taurus, a revolution in sensuality will emerge and may take many forms. This could be the continued expansion of Neo-Tantra and Sacred Sexuality festivals, trainings, and retreats, in addition to emergent innovation in body-focused therapies including yoga-asana, somatic therapy, and massage-energy work.

The inventive spirit will also fuel new and liberating technologies that incorporate earth’s abundant renewable energies such as solar, wind, and geothermal. Virtual reality may eclipse previous expectations as new touch-simulation devices become available, and perhaps we will at last be able to transcend space and touch across great distances. Finally, this cycle involves a rebellious shift against the financial status quo and our values in general. This will likely involve huge movements in crypto-currencies, and on a more personal level, push us to fully embody our uniqueness through new approaches to diet, exercise, dance and body mechanics.

As the Chinese proverb says: May you live in interesting times!

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VerDarLuz is a Transformational Life Coach, teacher, and multimedia artist. He is the creator of the Art of Partnership webinar course and 2 books on astrology and consciousness,Codex of the Soul and Aquarius Dawns.
His work focuses on awakening to the evolutionary journey of the soul utilizing shamanic techniques including Evolutionary Astrology, Human Design, dance, past life regression therapy, transformational breathwork, and timemapping to empower, inspire, and fulfill clients’ creative life mission.
VerDarLuz lives in Colorado. He teaches regular teleclasses and travels frequently to facilitate experiential archetypal workshops.

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